No Text Weekend

News of Pelham. August 31, 2016.


I have a problem that borders on addiction. And from what I’ve read, I share this problem with millions across the globe.

This is the cycle of what happens to me: I put my smart phone down (anywhere… on a table, a desk, a kitchen counter, the floor). I proceed with my day in some form of non-phone activity. I pick up a book to read. Or I sit at my computer to research a new story. Maybe I empty the cabinets of almond flour, coconut, and honey to bake something sweet and Paleo. And then, approximately 60 seconds into any of these endeavors, I glance toward my phone in eager anticipation.

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One thought on “No Text Weekend”

  1. Hello Alison,

    A friend in Ohio forwarded your “I Am an EMF Refugee” essay from Notre Dame Magazine. I was completely stunned by the heartfelt honesty of it. I’ve been EM sensitive for a number of years – possibly since birth… Ultimately became damaged to the extent where I fled the Twin Cities where I had seemingly only grown older. Wisdom came much later… I intuitively knew the radio exposures in the cities were damaging, thus I moved to a remote location in November 1997. Many unglad tidings have come and gone since then…

    Like you, I’ve experienced nothing but derisions and insults from family, friends, persons in the medical “professions”, etc. I recently relocated to (another) cabin near a small town called Mora, in Northeastern Minnesota. I was near dead when first arriving here. This location is only temporary, but at least I’ve had a chance to recollect myself and heal…

    In short: I’d like to correspond with you. Your writing skills are brilliant. Perhaps we have some interests in common…

    All the best,
    Paul Vonharnish


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