Electrical Pollution In Your Home: Why You Can’t Be Healthy In A Sick House

Paleo Magazine. October/November 2017.



Paleo Magazine. October/November 2017 issue. paleomagonline.com

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3 thoughts on “Electrical Pollution In Your Home: Why You Can’t Be Healthy In A Sick House”

  1. Hello Alison,

    We at Satic, Inc. read your article in the Paleo magazine about electrical pollution in your home. It was very well done and I wanted to let you know that we have a solution that we are proud of, it is called the Power Perfect Box. Our PPB connects to the electrical panel and cleans the electricity as it comes into the home. The PPB scrubs the harmonic distortion from the electrical wave and it is measurable by your line EMI meter. We currently use the Greenwave meter which looks the same as the Alpha labs meter. We would love to tell you more about how we clean the electricity that flows into the home and thank you for bringing light to the subject.

    My name is Denis Blackstun and would be willing to send you one of our plug-in units so you can test it yourself.

    Satic, Inc. is located in Missoula, MT and our phone number is 406-493-1861.

    Thank you,

    Denis Blackstun


    1. Hi Denis, thank you for your message. So, the Alpha Labs EMI meter is only measuring differential mode EMI (the hot wire) within a limited frequency range. Do your products also reduce common mode EMI or do they act as capacitors and move all the noise to common mode (the neutral/ground)? What amount of EMI reduction (in decibels throughout the KHz and MHz ranges) are you getting with this product in independent lab tests? (Both for differential and common mode.) Seeing these tests would be helpful to see how this product differs from other “filters” on the market (which are typically just capacitors) and in comparison to commercial grade filters that are very effective but cost $2,000 – $3,000 per unit (produced by RFI Corp). Thank you for reading! Alison


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