Addicted to iLove: The Consequences of Connected Reality

Paleo Magazine, December 2017, Go Paleo


Addicted to iLove

Paleo Magazine. Special Issue December 2017. Go

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Should The Internet Really Be Everything? What’s Not So Smart About Our Smart-Tech Future

Paleo Magazine. December/January 2018.

Should The Internet Really Be Everything?

Paleo Magazine. December/January 2018 issue.

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Home Sweet Home: Is Your Home Making You Sick?

Paleo Magazine. December/January 2016.


Paleo Magazine. December/January 2016 issue.
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Editorial Correction: Page 53 “Do You Have Sick Building Syndrome?” The section on electromagnetic fields was incorrectly referenced. It should read:
Electromagnetic Fields: radiofrequency radiation, AC electric fields, AC magnetic fields, radioactivity and terrestrial radiation.