Electrical Pollution In Your Home: Why You Can’t Be Healthy In A Sick House

Paleo Magazine. October/November 2017.



Paleo Magazine. October/November 2017 issue. paleomagonline.com

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Home Sweet Home: Is Your Home Making You Sick?

Paleo Magazine. December/January 2016.


Paleo Magazine. December/January 2016 issue. paleomagonline.com
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Editorial Correction: Page 53 “Do You Have Sick Building Syndrome?” The section on electromagnetic fields was incorrectly referenced. It should read:
Electromagnetic Fields: radiofrequency radiation, AC electric fields, AC magnetic fields, radioactivity and terrestrial radiation.

How Healthy is Your Home?

News of Pelham. May 26, 2016.

Do you only buy organic foods? Do you start your mornings with a sun salutation? Do you detox with a juice cleanse once a month? We invest so much of our precious time and resources to get healthy and stay healthy. But, have we stopped to consider the impact of our home’s environmental health on our bodies and physical development?

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