Addicted to iLove: The Consequences of Connected Reality

Paleo Magazine, December 2017, Go Paleo


Addicted to iLove

Paleo Magazine. Special Issue December 2017. Go

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No Text Weekend

News of Pelham. August 31, 2016.

I have a problem that borders on addiction. And from what I’ve read, I share this problem with millions across the globe.

This is the cycle of what happens to me: I put my smart phone down (anywhere… on a table, a desk, a kitchen counter, the floor). I proceed with my day in some form of non-phone activity. I pick up a book to read. Or I sit at my computer to research a new story. Maybe I empty the cabinets of almond flour, coconut, and honey to bake something sweet and Paleo. And then, approximately 60 seconds into any of these endeavors, I glance toward my phone in eager anticipation.

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